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Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Fear | 0 comments

Are You Sabotaging Your Business Like I Was?

I tell people how I sabotaged my business, but I don’t usually tell them WHY I was doing it.

As I write my 2nd book, I’ve decided to start talking about how I was stuck in a pattern of debt and struggle because a part of me didn’t believe I was worthy of money, success and love.

There’s a part of me that believes that I’m not good enough or worthy enough to have all of the intentions I want. This part of me started when I was a kid and my dad was addicted to crack.

My dad abandoned me and part of me felt like it was my fault. Like I wasn’t a good enough son to make him stay and love me.

So for years, when something major was about to happen in my business, I would always have thoughts like: “This isn’t going to happen. You need more training before you can start. This isn’t good enough yet. They’re going to want their money back and criticize you.”

Therefore, this part of me sabotaged my business through procrastination, perfectionism and fear so potential clients could see the truth about me: I’m not good enough.

It’s taken some work to save that little boy who saw his dad almost die and thought it was his fault because he didn’t like sports or want to go fishing with his dad.

But now, I’ve taught this part of me a new truth. You’re inherently worthy of love and abundance no matter who stays in your life or leaves.

Once, I started working with that new truth, my usual procrastination, perfectionism and fears began to lift and I released myself from the patterns of debt, frustration, and struggle.

If you think you’re stuck in a pattern of lack and struggle and want to investigate it with 3 simple experiments, come check out a live training I’m doing on Wednesday.

I’m giving 3 simple healing experiments to try so that you can clear your blocks to abundance like I did and consciously manifest an abundant business.




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