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Posted by on Jun 10, 2014 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Are You Giving Yourself Permission to Grow?

A tree grows as tall as it wants to. It doesn’t worry about how it’s going to grow or if it’s going to have enough resources to grow. It just does what it does and grows.

When a branch of the tree no longer serves the tree in its growth. The tree releases the branch, and it falls to the ground.

The tree doesn’t hold onto the branch just because it’s been part of the tree for so long. It also doesn’t hold onto the branch because the branch has been a good source of shade for generations of people on the ground.

And when the branch falls, the tree doesn’t worry about how it will affect others. It lets others exercise their own power to move out the way or protect their belongings.

A tree stays in its own business and does only what it knows how to do best…grow.

Because the tree gives itself permission to grow, the tree experiences the peace of authenticity, and we all benefit from its beauty and shade.

Are you giving yourself permission to grow? Or are you holding onto the past or worrying about how others will react to or be affected by your growth?

If you’re ready to experience peaceful growth, go outside and take a look at the closest tree. It’s got infinite wisdom in each branch.

1 Comment

  1. Really cool. Thanks for the inspiration!

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