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Posted by on Mar 20, 2015 in Manifestation, Money | 0 comments

Can What You Learned about Money As a Child Affect Your Money Circumstances Now?

I’ve gotten this question hundreds of times…


Dear Lloyd:
When I was young, I learned a lot of things about money that are keeping me stuck now. (Money doesn’t grow on trees, rich people lie and cheat, money is the root of evil, people like me don’t get rich, etc) How do I break free from money fears that are so deeply ingrained?

Growing up, you learned something about money.

Your money story can be exactly what determines how easy or difficult it is for you to have money.
A money story is a collection of thoughts and beliefs about money that cause you to make decisions and engage in behaviors that attract or repel money. These money stories can be so deeply ingrained that you are completely unaware that they are causing you to struggle financially.

If you want to experience money in a different way than you learned from your childhood, here are some gentle steps to discover and shift your money story.

  1. Discover Your Money Story. Ask Questions Like:

I learned that having a lot of money says what about me?

I learned that having little money says what about me?

I learned that you have to do or be what to have a lot of money?

When I have a lot of money, I feel…

When I have little money, I feel…

These questions will help you understand your thoughts around money that may be motivating the actions that are keeping you stuck.

Watch for memories, images, thoughts, or old sayings that you heard in childhood.

  1. Allow Yourself to Feel the Emotions Around Your Money Story.

When you discover the things you learned about money, some emotions, judgments, or physical sensations may come up. Allow yourself to experience whatever happens.

Imagine that the sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety, stress, or whatever is coming up for you is actually coming from you as a kid. This younger version of you is having a reaction because what he/she learned about money doesn’t feel right.

The heart racing, anxious, nervous feelings that you have today around money aren’t from today. They’re very old feelings that wanted to be expressed in the moment you learned your money story.

In that moment when you were a child, you may not have felt safe having those emotions in front of your family or friends. Maybe they would yell at you for having emotions or you felt you had to hide them because you were the strong one and showing emotion felt weak.

Those emotions don’t just disappear. They become the fuel that drives your thoughts and behaviors that create your money situation that may feel uncomfortable.

See if you can give yourself permission to have those feelings that you didn’t feel safe having back then and allow them to be released.

  1. Teach Yourself a New Truth about Money.

Affirmations can be helpful here, but I find that actions speak louder than words.

Every time you feel triggered around money, show up for yourself.

Remember that when you feel triggered, it’s just a part of you that has a fear or story that is making you feel uncomfortable.

Imagine yourself as a scared child and help your scared child investigate his/her fears by asking yourself questions like:

If I don’t have X amount of dollars, I’m afraid that…

If I don’t get this contract, I’m afraid that…

If I don’t pay my bills, I’m afraid that…

Support your inner child that is having a reaction.

Remember, when kids are scared, the fear doesn’t pass because you tell them to get over it or that they have nothing to worry about.

The fear releases when you give them attention, guide them through fully expressing their emotions, and help them explore their fear and see other options.

Try out these 3 steps and let me know in the comments what comes up for you.

Also feel free to check out my free training on clearing abundance blocks. I think it will be a good addition to these 3 steps.


Can What I Learn About Money As A Child

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