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Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in Manifestation, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I Hired a Team & Set Them Up for Failure

I just hired a team to help me with my business and I just realized that I set them up for failure.

My parents always told me, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Society taught me that “real men don’t need help and can do anything they want on their own. Support is for wusses.” A part of me still believes that so I set my team up for failure so that my past beliefs would still be true for me.

This is a perfect example of how self-sabotage can fool you and make itself look really noble!

In my mind, I thought that I was surrendering control of the things I don’t want to do in my business and allowing my team to do them for me.

But what I was actually doing was, giving up my power in my business, expecting my team to write for me and know my voice perfectly from the beginning without any help, and expecting my team to read my mind about what I wanted because sometimes a part of me was too afraid to ask for what I wanted.

Obviously they can’t read my mind and if we don’t work together in the beginning it will be hard for them to learn my voice for FB ads, blog posts, and other communications.

Therefore, they would inevitably fail and let me down so that I could continue believing the old truth my mom and dad taught me. My old beliefs were causing me to sabotage myself and manifest struggle in my present.

After investigating why I was sabotaging myself, I realized that parts of me are scared. I worked with these parts of me that still believe that I have to do everything on my own or I’m a wuss or stupid for trusting others and I taught them a new truth.

My new truth: I’m always divinely supported. I allow myself to be supported and speak my truth about how I want to be supported so that I can continue to do the work that I love on a larger scale.

If you think you might have some self-sabotaging patterns going on that are blocking you from manifesting a booming business, I invite you to come to my training on Manifestation for Entrepreneurs. It’s all about healing the past and the self-sabotaging patterns so that you can actually manifest the business you deserve instead of manifesting more struggle from the past.

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