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Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Fear | 2 comments

How to Heal & Move Past Blocks & Resistance

When I decided I no longer needed a “feeling magician” to make my feelings disappear, I started my healing process.

My healing began when I stopped using the magic wands of affirmations, distractions, or denial. They were just illusions anyway.

I’d wave that wand of affirmations and tell myself, “You are worthy.” My feelings of unworthiness would look like they disappeared, but they were just buried deep under a layer of words that a part of me didn’t believe at all.

I’d wave that wand of distraction and have a double cheeseburger, 3 beers, and a side of sex. My feelings of unworthiness looked like they were replaced with pleasure, but they were just put onto the back burner, waiting to boil over.

I’d wave that wand of denial and pretend that I was OK, fine, awesome, cool, and interesting. My feelings would look like they had vanished into thin air, but they were just right behind the mask waiting until nobody was looking so they could pop out again.

No more magic wands.

I give myself permission to see the scary thoughts that fuel my feelings. I dive deep into the dark, scary unknown cave of my shadow and rescue the parts of me that believe they are unworthy, unloved, unseen, and unheard.

I hold space for their pain and allow the light to enter.

I feel.

I release.

I heal.


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