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3 Experiments to Clear Abundance Blocks, Interrupt Self-Sabotage &
Attract More Money in Less Than 24 hours

October 29
at 11am Pacific, 1pm Pacific

In this event, I’m going to teach you:

Lloyd Burnett
  • A therapeutic grade healing technique adapted for entrepreneurs to delete abundance blocks in your business
  • Why you work so hard, but seem to gain no traction & a simple healing technique to say, “Adios” to that cycle forever.
  • Why you procrastinate instead of doing the things you know will make your business grow & how to interrupt the pattern that’s draining your bank account.
  • A simple practice to clearly see self-sabotage before it happens so that you can avoid it like the plague.
  • A therapeutic process to clear fears of failure, criticism & not being good enough
WARNING: This is a therapeutic grade healing process to move through blocks of abundance. It has been adapted specifically for entrepreneurs.This is not about visualizations or manifesting large sums of money for the heck of it. This is the healing work necessary to make abundance attract you instead of you chasing it like a rainbow.
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