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Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Manifestation for Entrepreneurs

For a long time,  I was always saying, “When I make more money, I’ll travel a lot.  I’ll be free to buy the things I want.  I’ll live on the beach, eat the expensive, organic version of everything, and be happy.”  

For 31 years that was just a dream that I asked for, believed I had, and NEVER allowed myself to receive.

I got frustrated following what I understood to be true about the laws of attraction and acting as if I had everything I wanted.

It felt like total BULLshit to a part of me.

I finally stopped lying to myself and did some work around my fear of receiving my manifestations and BOOM…the floodgates opened and everything I ever tried to manifest was happening at warp speed.

The money…The Vacation Lifestyle….The Beach….Living My Purpose….Doing the Job of My Dreams

And guess what…only a small part of me really cares about those things I manifested.

Why?  Because something ever bigger happened with that BOOM.  I realized that I’m always complete.  I always have everything I need.  I always have access to joy no matter what.

Ready for your BOOM moment?  Click BOOM to get access to a free training I’m doing for Entrepreneurs on manifestation.



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