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Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

My Misspelled Word Could’ve Killed Someone

The other day I realized that I finally made it to “business enlightenment.” You know that place we all want to get to in our business when we’re so Zen about everything that happens. It’s the place where nothing shakes your confidence or belief in your work. Not even a scathing review or a doofus comment on one of your blogs. You say bless you to the critics and go about your work changing the world.

I made a video a week ago about fear and how it stops us from shining our light and sharing our incredible gifts with the world. I nailed it on the first try. I was flowing and channeling some deep stuff. After just one take, the skies opened up, and the big guy/gal/source upstairs parted the clouds and said job well done, Lloyd!

Well, the next day I got an email from one of my favorite supporters, gently informing me of a “minor” spelling error in my video. (If you find it in the video, email me and I’ll give you a special gift!)

A year ago, I would have had a defcon 1 melt down. I’m talking take down the video immediately and search out everyone who watched it so that I could prove to them somehow that I’m not an idiot.

Have you ever felt like that?  Like you just want to die when you see a silly mistake in your work?

Well, this time was different. I smiled, looked up the correct spelling, and responded to my favorite supporter with a little something like this:

“Awesome. I love it when my humanness comes out to play!”

I know that I’m good enough, my work is important, and I have a special gift to give to the world no matter if I can spell perfectly or not.

Matter of fact, I’m sure there are some errors in this post. I was so excited to write it that I’m bypassing my editor.

Is your perfectionist slowing down your productivity? Is she keeping you from putting your work out into the world and changing lives because she wants everything to be perfect before you launch?

If so, it’s time to join our community of awesome entrepreneurs who are changing the world just by being themselves. No bells, whistles, or perfection. We mizpell wordz, have bad grammar, and we’re still awesome. We’re just showing up as we are and loving ourselves how we show up.

That’s actually what your clients want from you. They want to know that their humanness is beautiful and that they are enough no matter what.

Are you ready to be enough no matter what? If so, join the revolution of entrepreneurs who are getting out their head & taking their business to the next level, all while being 100% human.

Are you ready to improve your health,-1

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PS. If you spot the error in the video, email me and I’ll give you a special gift!


  1. Hi Lloyd: listed to your wonderful video. The misspelled word is: “disillusioned”. You spelled it: “desillusioned”.

    • what does your comment is awaiting “moderation” mean?

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