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Posted by on Jun 26, 2014 in Fear | 0 comments

A Nontraditional Tweak that Increased Sales 2800%

Here’s the story of my last 3 webinars and my 2800% sales increase. I decided last year that I wanted to enter the webinar game. So, I hired the best business coach ($6000) and learned how to do a webinar model that was making him millions.

I followed everything he said, launched my first webinar, and didn’t sell a damn thing. I actually lost $250 because that’s what I spent on FB traffic.

I was discouraged and ready to give up, but my coach soothed my wounded spirit by informing me that it all wasn’t a bust. I had gotten over 200 more people on my list from the FB ad.

I didn’t want to give up and I didn’t want to risk losing anymore money, so I launched a second webinar with no paid traffic, but only got 1 sign up. I cancelled the webinar the day before launch day!

I was completely discouraged and ready to give up on the webinar funnel until I decided to practice what I preach and make one tweak to my webinar process.

This tweak had nothing to do with the structure of he webinar, the script, the copy, follow up sequence, or marketing. I left the entire webinar process exactly the same. However, I changed one thing:


My mindset

I realized that in Webinar 1 and Webinar 2, I was acting from a place of fear and resistance and therefore, sabotaging my launch.

No tweaking to my copy, script, or offer could have saved my webinar from tanking.

I decided to do a little “inner-work” clearing resistance and releasing the fears.

When I finally gave myself permission to do this “inner-work”, I realized that I had the following fears that were sabotaging my webinars.

  • Fear of making a sale: If I made a sale, people would see my work and may not like it or worse criticize me.
  • Fear of not being good enough: Was I really ready to do my coaching on a larger level or did I need more certifications, degrees, etc…
  • Fear that my product wasn’t worth the price: Once again, was I good enough and worthy enough to actually charge top dollar for my services.


Tweet: These fears acted as “client repellant” and sabotaged my webinar process.

When I did the real work necessary for me in that moment, I cleared the resistance and released the fear, which changed the energy my webinars and drastically changed the revenue.

Take a look at my stats:

Webinar Graphic

If you’re interested in learning how to clear your resistance and release your fears, click “New Training” and check out this FREE new training I’m doing and get into the flow!





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