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Posted by on Sep 17, 2014 in Manifestation | 0 comments

Size Doesn’t Matter When You Allow

I always wanted to be a part of a big TeleSummit with other top names in the industry, but I knew they had these pesky requirements about list size. I never asked or applied to be on a TeleSummit because I didn’t think my list was big enough.

A voice in my head always said, “Let’s wait. I need 10,000 more people on my list and then all the TeleSummits will be begging to have me speak.”

Surprise surprise! That was actually a self-sabotaging thought dressed up as the truth. Size only matters in your mind!

A couple weeks ago, my incredible communications manager got me onto a huge TeleSummit and the day of my interview, the host wanted to cancel because my list size didn’t meet the requirements. Mary Cate got her to agree to at least talk to me about it.

We got on the phone and she said, “Lloyd, your list size isn’t big enough.” A part of me was heartbroken and really disappointed, but I had a feeling it didn’t matter. Right after she told me I couldn’t do the interview, she came up with an incredibly fair compromise that would maintain the integrity of the requirements of TeleSummit and honor all those participating who actually met the requirements.

The interview was ON!

We did the interview and then the MAGIC happened. After the interview, she was so amazed by the work I do that she invited me to do an online training for an event with 400,000 people!!

A part of me couldn’t believe it, but spiritually I knew that in this moment, I was mastering the art of allowing!

When you allow your business to unfold for the greatest good, you attract the most incredible opportunities into your life. You have no attachment to the result, just full faith and trust in this basic truth: I will always be divinely supported no matter how my world looks.

I ain’t gonna lie: This whole allowing thing is scary as hell because I can be control freak. It requires constantly discovering my fears and taking care of the parts of me that are scared and want to control everything instead of let it unfold.

When you finally do acknowledge and take care of those scared parts of you, you get out of the way and allow the universe’s incredible magic to happen.

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